Powerful, Emotional Writings: An Aid to Adult Child Abuse Survivors

The Invisible Archer

In Life, I notice that there is tension, and there is release. The tension builds and builds over time. The tension is need. Need for a change. Need for something to be created. Need for a fulfillment of some form. Need for action. Tension, tension, tension, tension. Then “Pow!”, the arrow flies to its intended target.

My life seems to operate this way.   Am I the bow? People tell me to be the Archer.   Am I the Archer, or the bow?

If I am the bow, who is this Invisible Archer, that wields the bow, applies tension to the string, then releases that tension to allow the arrow to fly to its intended destination. Who is the Archer?

I only find the Archer, and who He is, as I willingly allow myself to be the bow.

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