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Alice Miller: Child Abuse and Mistreatment
Alice Miller, PhD in philosophy, psychology and sociology, as well as a researcher on childhood and author of twelve books, translated into thirty languages, has created this website with the goal of informing future parents and former victims about the disastrous consequences of child abuses, which can be prevented thanks to the information that is available today. Supported by a well equipped team she publishes her articles, interviews, and flyers, and she will answer letters from visitors that refer to her works.


Pandora’s Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse research, articles, statistics, legal issues, prevention resources, updates, news, alerts, and advocacy. Guides for advocating for our children, and an extensive section devoted to ways you can “Help !! the Children.” ~ Dr. Faulkner


SOC-UM: Safeguarding Our Children – United Mothers
Sexual abuse prevention education, on-line newsletter, prevention resources, advocacy, and abuse indicators.


Kim’s Safe Place
“Take The Power Back” ~ A place of healing awareness and prevention. Kim, a survivor of sexual abuse, tells her personal story of going from victim to survivor, ~ in hopes of educating society that child abuse does happen.


Child Sexual Abuse: A Parent’s Perspective
Parents as Secondary Victims: This site contains an article about a parent’s experience of dealing with her five year old son’s disclose of sexual abuse. It is intended to help other parents know that they are not alone in their suffering.


Polly’s Dad” ~ Klaas Kids ~ Klaas Foundation for Children
The Klaas Foundation for Children is dedicated to the memory of Polly Klaas. The Foundation’s purpose is to inform parents, children, and communities about how to prevent crimes against children. Founded by Marc Klaas.


Children’s Rights Advocacy

Theme of children slipping through the cracks of the child protection system. Links to other child abuse organizations and legal information. Referrals to self help and related information.


(Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Emerge)

Educator Sexual Abuse: Abuse by teachers & other school employees. Sexual abuse in schools IS a problem! SESAME is a confidential information and support network for educator sexual abuse survivors (and their friends & families).